Company Profile

Invisible Intelligence. Which you can rely on.

Jungbecker is an established supplier for electromechanical elements, which are being used in the electronic and automotive industries. Jungbecker began with the production of tube sockets from pressed bakelite reaching to the most modern hybrid elements from stamped frames, moulded into plastics.

As precision moulded and embossed parts we offer micro structured special optics for louvers, automotive and aerospace. The internal R&D and construction teams manage all different kinds of developments. As a internationally operating business, we operate with globally valid quality standards.

In tight partnership with our clients and customers, we develop solutions and products in electro mechanics and optics. Our innovation is our strength.


2016 General Manager Marc-Philip Rumpff joins the company
2014 Development of three-dimensional, variotherm-operated hot stamping tools
2013 Development of an injection molding process for thick-walled optics
2011 First development of LED-powered areal optics
2010 Development of optical silicone lenses on transparent substrates
2008 New technology: hybrid components with electronics and sensors molded with plastic
2001 Production of first big size optical sheet
2000 Foundation of Subsidiary Jungbecker Lithuania
2000 Foundation of Subsidiary Jungbecker Sdn in Malaysia
1998 Introduction of automotive parts production
1996 Entrance of General Manager Dr. Andreas Hesse
1989 Foundation of subsidiary in Izegem/Belgium
1985 Construction of tooling and stamping
1981 Ursula Jungbecker taking over as CEO
1975 Conversion into a Limited Liability Corporation
1960 Start of the use of modern injection moulding technology
1946 Move into the new production facilities
1945 Foundation of the company by Karl Jungbecker as a producer of pressed products and tube sockets for consumer electronics