Manufacturing range alongside in-depth knowledge. Our recipe for top quality.

One specialty area for Jungbecker Optics is plastic injection moulding with thermoplastics and duroplastics; crucial core components of our quality optical lenses. Jungbecker has continually invested in the technology of its machinery and equipment, to further enhance the high quality of its innovative optical products. Conceiving, designing and producing are all handled under the same roof at Jungbecker: a one-stop work approach which has been crucial to our success, having paved the way for us to develop in a more rapid, innovative and pioneering manner.
A high degree of automation and ongoing innovation underpin a wide-ranging portfolio of ultra-reliable products. The technology developed by Jungbecker Optics to shape acrylic, PC and other transparent plastics, allows exceptionally accurate light-deflection functions with unrivalled efficiency.
High-performance products do not prevail in their own right: their strength comes when they constitute the optimal solution for a specific application. Optical expertise, many years of accumulated insight into ideal material qualities and product knowledge are only a small part of the overall solution. Only dialogue and close coordination with customers can make a good product become great. This is why the product solutions of Jungbecker Optics are so reliable.

Production Mechanics

Advanced R&D

Our experienced research and development team is here for your needs. No matter if you need a solution to an optical issue or a specific electromechanical function. Jungbecker R&D is here for your innovation.

Injection Moulding

Our injection moulding includes thermo- and duroplastic materials, filled or unfilled to transparent, for optical lenses. Our own tool shop with construction department generates high performance tool with optimal availability of replacement parts offering flexibility and maintenance.

Sheet Embossing

Our specific way of embossing Acrylics, PC and other transparent material enables us to offer you precise light guiding solutions while ensuring the greatest possible efficiency. You can choose from our many existing structures or decide to challenge our R&D team to tailor fit an individual solution according to your specifications.