Light is more than the opposite of shadow

Colour, ergonomy and psyche – light impacts on both how we behave and our wellbeing, making it the most versatile of tools. Its creative potential has long been known but remains far from fully exploited. At Jungbecker Optics, we aim to expand our perspective and explore new potential applications by devising fresh solutions in diverse visual disciplines, centring on this fascinating element between an idea and a product.
Extensive optical components made of transparent plastics, glass and silicones perform highly accurate functions thanks to many hundreds of thousands of microprisms on their surface. Light can be concentrated, guided, shaped for a wide range of applications in a wealth of fields: glare-free light panels in office surroundings and a people-friendly lighting environment in public buildings, hospitals or schools. The scope of light production encompasses areas of innovation combining both functional and aesthetic elements. Jungbecker Optics unifies a range of working fields to generate synergies, which allow both glare-free office work and energy savings, for example leveraging large format Fresnel lenses to extend the reach of daylight deep into the heart of interiors. This opens up new potential for natural lighting of areas in buildings, which were once the exclusive domain of artificial lighting.
The LED era is set to further catalyse these fields of application. Spot lighting must be directed, focused and free of glare – regardless of scale. Whether a miniature reading light or the signalling element of an offshore oil platform – just some of the areas in which Jungbecker Optics lenses and microprisms are already deployed.