Product Development

What we develop must also function in large quantities.

Working with Jungbecker as an external development partner has two decisive advantages: we provide an overview of the entire product development during the process, while expertise can be called up precisely when required at various stages of development. This makes everything quicker and more flexible: sometimes coordinated project plans are refi ned into end products and just as often short-term “time to market” deployments are quickly implemented for customers. For the customer, this means: professional support from design to toolmaking through to series production. Jungbecker provides the expertise to produce electromechanical components from plastic and metal alone as well as in combination.
As the required tools are very complex, we develop and build them in-house: special products that combine the joining technologies of soldering, welding and ultrasonic welding with stamping technology and injection moulding. Multifunctional tools that punch out while checking quality and function via an electromagnetic field – combined in a single tool that opens and closes. Another specialty is the technology of encapsulating circuit boards, chips and electronic ICs in plastic under high pressure.