Customer-specific Development

We specialise in special requests.

À la carte or individualised – Jungbecker Optics gives its customers the choice. Whether a customer proposal which we cooperate with developers to make into a product, a service is requested or a catalogue item is ordered: In each case, we find an ideal solution.
This teamwork fuels synergies, the scope of which transcends the technology push. Sometimes the catalyst is external, harnessing joint efforts to forge a solution which is not only good, but perfect. When commissioned by a client, we always consider the task at hand, development efficiency and the end product itself from the customer perspective.
Numerous technical optical products from Jungbecker Optics tailored to individual customer specifications have been deployed in the automotive industry, medicine or science fields: including lenses, collimators and light-deflecting elements. These customised developments and production processes are key to successful small- and large-scale production. Examples where precise light direction is used include anti-collision lights installed on buildings for aviation, traffic signalling devices or lighting of vehicle dashboards. Fresnel lenses can be found in large-format projectors or lenticular lenses in 3D stereoscopy.

Product Overview

Area Lighting

Area Lighting Systems

Modern lighting systems require increased use of intensive LED point light sources for generating an area light with application-specific light distributions.
Jungbecker’s microstructured LGP (Light Guiding Plates) can be used utilising the “edgelit” principle (light is fed in over the edge) to operate as well as the newly patented Flächeneinkopplungsprinzip which enables a completely borderless luminaire optics. The light distribution of Jungbecker LGP can be specifically controlled by the composition and combination of various optical decoupling elements.


More information is available here:
Download Data Sheet Edgelit Technology (PDF)

Microprism Lens

Microprism Lens Systems

The Fresnel technique makes it possible to incorporate almost any conceivable optical function into the panels.
The microprisms are freely adjustable in their flank angle so that completely new functions can be produced by conventional application (spherical, aspherical, concentrating, diffuse scattering), which cannot be realized with conventional volume lenses.


More information is available here:
Download Data Sheet LA (PDF)


Light-guiding Optics

Jungbecker prismatic plastic optics realize light-directing tasks by superimposed linear, circular or in the honeycomb pattern arranged microprism structures. Due to the large number of individual prisms and their independent adjustability, a wide range of applications are possible.


More information is available here:
Download Data Sheet Fresnel Lenses (PDF)

Volume Lens

Volume Lens Systems

In some applications volume shaping is necessary. Especially when the focus lies on the light control principle of total reflection as with collimators. Through multi-layer injection molding with a special topography of the individual layers, Jungbecker molded optics made of acrylic or PC are shrinkage resistant and streak free and can be produced in a short time. The molds are designed and manufactured in the house. The optically effective surfaces are HSC-milled and -polished or integrated as galvanic inserts. Functional elements and mold-shaped details as well as multi-cavity molds are possible.


Laminate Technology
Volume optics, even with undercut, can be produced with low tooling costs and throughput times. They are also available in silicone injection molding and silicone casting. Through high transparency, the UV light and its temperature resistance, this material is ideally suited for special applications.
Multiple shots as used collimator arrays directly on an optical substrate made of plastic or glass are quite simple and avoid multiple Fresnel reflections in optical stacks.


More information is available here:
Download Data Sheet LOP (PDF)

General Optical

General Optical Fiber

The optical development of LED-fed light guides is carried out using modern software tools, the light propagation and decoupling can be applied specifically and application-specific. Injection molding, casting or embossing tools are manufactured in the company's own tool shop.
The connection to the housing or LED light sources can also be integrated, right up to 2k-injection molded housings.