There is only one best solution

Without microelectronics our lives would be quite different – there is almost no area in which it is not invisibly involved in controlling, regulating and thinking: in the privacy of the household, in production
of course and especially in automobile manufacturing. Electrotechnology is used wherever processes take place automatically or are monitored by sensors. In the automotive industry, microelectronics are used in both the manufacturing process and the final products. And this is a growing trend. Micro-electronically controlled drive elements and sensors ensure efficient engine management, take on security functions and ensure comfort and wellbeing. The need for electro-mechanical components that provide an electronic component with mechanical features has risen accordingly.
Jungbecker specialised in electro-technical applications early on: designed for the most exacting standards, particularly in automotive applications where precision, resilience and robustness are required. Our components are directly exposed to the worst conditions in the drive train. In direct contact with oil or petrol, in the high temperature zones of the exhaust system and turbocharger – put to the test by changing mechanical loads and thermal stresses. This is made possible by Jungbecker’s high-tech composite parts made of plastic and metal, which are integrated into the electronic circuits.
Thanks to our consistent development of the leadframe technology, we can now solder or weld on the passive or active electronic components, making them part of the housing in the lead frame. The electronics in the housing are completely over-moulded and thus securely encapsulated. Vibration-proof and hermetically shielded for trouble-free operation.