Customer requirements are our innovation boost.

The best solution is the product of engineering; the success of which Jungbecker sees as a communication task, namely combining consulting, understanding customer and market requirements and in-house product development.


Sometimes the idea is first to emerge. A light which offers a specific feature or a problem defined, for which a perfect product is sought as an optimal solution. The task for Jungbecker Optics is the same in both cases: to develop the ideal components and optical elements, which deliver a practical solution in response to the theoretical question. The targeted search for the best in lighting solutions drives the company to go the extra mile and seek out an unrivalled solution for each application. This is reflected in the research work of the physicists and opticians working as optical engineers at Jungbecker Optics into light-directing microstructures specifically configured to requirements profiles. The technology business, meanwhile, has emerged as a service provider turning customer wishes into end products, which may subsequently go into serial production.

Jungbecker Optics is not just a supplier but a genuine technology partner to the lighting industry. Its passion for the finest products makes it a pacesetter and helps it retain its unique selling points, in both highly specialised and wider markets alike. In this context, Jungbecker Optics looks beyond individual solutions and adopts a characteristically holistic perspective. Can costs be saved? How could efficiency best be improved and what makes a product stand the test of time? When facing such complex issues, having a partner which considers the bigger picture every step of the way is crucial.


Over decades of development work in the electro-technical market, Jungbecker has become a full-range supplier: electrical components are encapsulated in plastic, implemented in our in-house toolmaking and manufactured with the appropriate level of vertical integration and expertise. Based on in-house developments and designs.

Jungbecker sees itself as a knowledgeable development partner for its customers: our expertise is in resolving technical issues and challenges. The implementation of pre-specified designs alone would not call on our complete range of expertise.

Our development expertise allows you to transfer development tasks to Jungbecker early on, thus enabling faster and better solutions. This approach can even introduce future process steps or additional features to our products, helping us develop and produce components with highly integrated functionality and which integrate a maximum of intelligence into one high-performance product. We also rationalise our customers’ production processes - giving them a clear cost advantage.

This development approach based on dialogue is at the heart of Jungbecker and one of the reasons why we have established ourselves as experts for highly complex technological answers in electrical engineering and electronics. Based on skills that go far beyond the mastery of plastic and metal: the combination of electrical engineering, opto-electronics and optics are areas of expertise in which we stand for optimal solutions and surpass conventional stamping or injection moulding products.

Our own toolmaking and in-house production ensure that the functioning and quality of the finished products are always at the highest level.